About Us

Who We Are

Aurora Energy helps sustain our great quality of life in Fairbanks by providing energy that is affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible.
Our power plant on the banks of the Chena River uses an efficient “cogeneration” process, which simultaneously generates electric power and space heating for buildings in the central Fairbanks area.

The District Heat System

A 15-mile-long network of underground pipes branches out from the Aurora Energy power plant, carrying hot water and steam heat.  Known as a “district heat” system, this network provides efficient space heating to 211 customers. Up to 40 percent of this energy is conserved from electrical production.
Aurora Energy has approximately 30 employees who work around the clock, 365 days a year, to bring light and warmth to homes and businesses in central Fairbanks.

Our Staff

Rob Brown
(907) 457-0301

Chilkoot Ward
(907) 457-0260

Chung Brown
Assistant Superintendent
(907) 457-0261

Matt Burdick
Facilities Engineer
(907) 457-0231

David Fish
Environmental Manager
(907) 457-0230

Cindy Pasley
(907) 452-8767